In Appreciation

You may be interested to know what others feel about our work and activities. Here are some of the reactions below:

“We have great pleasure to write to you that the STAPI workshop on “How to start successful VA, held on 22nd & 23rd of Dec. in the KEM hospital, Pune, was magnificent and unique. Presentations by the Voluntary Agencies and the experts on relevant subjects were made very interesting with their varied experience. The speeches were not only interesting, but educative and informative too”

Mr. Anil Bhide (Trustee)
Manav Sansadhan Vikas Ani Sanshodhan Manch, Pune

    “I can briefly summarise that the workshop helped me in understanding and addressing issues related to Fundraising. I was able to meet, interact and discuss with resource persons who are already successful in their respective fields. I discovered some new avenues in Fundraising like Religious Trusts, approach to banks. Bombay Community Public Trust.

I am sure it was helpful to NGOs who were still in the process of identifying the need of a Fundraiser

I would like to express my gratitude for sending me the list of Banks whom I can approach for financial assistance. I thank you again for conducting such an interactive & helpful workshop. I hope that many more will follow to overcome the shortfalls of Fundraising in the Development Sector.”

Rumi Sikdar – Rathod, Sense International, Ahmedabad

    “It was indeed a learning experience for me at the workshop on “Fundraising” organised by CAP and SOSVA on 17th & 18th of Sept. 2000.

“It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you after 2 days workshop on “Training in fund raising for the staff of VA’s” appreciate the contents of the course, and it was a good experience to hear the views, techniques and key address by Mr. Thomas Matthews, Mrs. R. S. Fazalbhoy and others”.

For Umed Parivar, Pune (P.G. Sharma, Treasurer)
    “Thank you very much for taking time out from your schedule and organising the workshop on ‘Fund Raising’ on 17 & 18 Aug. 2000 at Andheri in Mumbai.
It was a pleasure to attend this workshop as a participant and, I must admit, that the proceedings and information sharing were indeed very thought provoking. All the point raised were of a great help in expanding our viewpoint of thinking on the subject.

Thanking you, once again. I request you to please let us know about other such workshops/seminars in the future”.

RACHNA ATRE, Paraplegic Foundation, Mumbai
    I was very interested to learn that you were considering taking up a Project for the promotion of voluntarism, involving the enrolment, training and placement of volunteers in the health sector. This is an area that is of particular interest to us and one which we have been discussing with our partners in India over the last three years.

Phillipa Young, Director, Action Health 2000, U.K
    “I was delighted with this my first visit to the SOSVA Training Centre. It is very well maintained and is neat and clean fits into an NGO centre”

Late Dr. Banoo Coyaji, Ex-Chair Person, KEM Hospital, Pune
    “I had been to the institute earlier as resource person, However as a trainer I was happy to use the facilities and campus. Overall there was warm and co-operative atmosphere and good communication. I hope that we will be able to strengthen the relationship.”

Neelam Gorhe, Stree Adhar Kendra, Pune.

    “I am really impressed by the facilities that are available at this centre and also about the emphasis on cleanliness & efficiency.”

Ena Singh, Programme officer, UNFPA, New Delhi
    “A well managed and well kept training centre. Very neat and tidy.”

Satish Sahney, Chief Executive, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.
    “SOSVA is a need of society. Govt. has some definite responsibility, but NGOs has also definite role for development unless very well trained social workers they cannot give good result. This training aspect for social workers are handle by this institution which is a need of society. My congratulation to Shri. Shrinivasan and all dedicated team.”

Mr. Sharad Pawar , New Delhi.
    “This has been my very first visit to the SOSVA Training Centre. The conference rooms are well appointed and with proper & practical facalities Mr. Chowdhry is a very friendly and warm person in charge of the same. I will have happy memories of my talk here.
As far as SOSVA is concerned, so far I know only only Mrs. Parinita . Kanitkar who is a very dedicated and enthusiastic worker. She seems to have boundless energy and I think she is the moving force at SOSVA on a day to day basis.
The work done by SOSVA is good and much needed. I wish it well.”

Noshir H Dadrawala, Executive Secretary, Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, Bombay
    “SOSVA is a very good nodal agency doing pioneering work in the field. There is always a need to co-ordinate the work of non-government organizations. Sosva is doing this work, justifying its name. Today’s seminar is a good solid work, on the same lines. I wish good luck to Sosva in all good work it is doing."

Mr. K. M. Desai., Former charity Commissioner, Maharashtra State.
    “I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit SOSVA and to handover a cheque from the British Government for a series of NGO workshop. The premises and your range of activities are most impressive. Keep up the good work."

British Deputy High Commissioner, Bombay Western India
    “We were very pleased to note the various facilities and projects which SOSVA is conducting at this training unit. Good luck with your expansion programmes.”

Mrs. Rehmat .S. Fazelbhoy, MSSI Pune Chapter
    “SOSVA is doing a very good work of training voluntary agencies in various aspects. I am deeply impressed by the continuity of work & follow up.”

Dr. S. V. Gore, Managing Trustee, Sevadham Trust, Pune
    “The training programme conducted by STAPI on behalf of AVERT society was well planned with the support of effective resource person. I am sure the next programme will be much more effective.”

Mr. Vishwanath Koliwad, Avert Society, Mumbai
    “I am keenly interested in the work of the society. I think training is much more important than direct financial help at the present time.”

Mr. Jayant Bapat, Australia
    “I am happy to note that the center has been a pioneer in NGO training area and has evolved over the years. The center should act as a ‘Center of Excellence’ for NGO capacity building, the need of the hour. I wish center all the best in continuance of its very good work.”

Mr. Pooran Ch. Pandey, CEO, Voluntry Action Network India ( VANI ), New Delhi