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Newsletter – SOSVA Post
(English & Marathi)
SOSVA (Now STAPI) has numerous programmes directed at strengthening the voluntary sector. Inaccessibility of information on most matters of interest is a major stumbling block in the NGOs path of progress. The main objectives of SOSVA’s publication wing is to disseminate information on all matters of interest to the NGOs through the medium of booklets, books and its quarterly newsletter – SOSVA POST which a quarterly newsletter published in English and Marathi. Each issue covers 12 pages in English with same translated in Marathi. Issues in Kannada, Hindi and Gurumukhi are also planned.

SOSVA had implemented a four year project with the support of 15 partner NGOs of 8 districts on improving the Status of Reproductive Health Including Family Planning By Strengthening Intersect oral NGOs ” supported by United Nations Fund for Population Activities
(UNFPA ), during 1998 to 2002.

As a part of the activities, ‘SOSVA Sandesh a quarterly News Letter in Marathi language was published quarterly during the project period It reached out to the project implementing NGOs, Other NGOs working in the health and all District Health Officers.

The Newsletter served a important tool of simple communication in local regional language for sharing of information including the success stories, case studies lessons learnt and innovative activities with, Village Health Workers and also the staff related to the project . The newsletter also played a vital role in dissemination of information on Reproductive Health from various sources to all stakeholders and also helped in redesigning of project strategy by adapting suitable methodologies.

Fund Raising Manual (English & Marathi)
SOSVA with the generous financial support from Government of India and USAID, published the first fund raising manual in English which brought out together information and guidance on Fund Raising. SOSVA’s belief is tha it is necessary codify experiences for study and use by voluntary agencies. While publishing this manual SOSVA is aware the manual is to be updated periodically and also supplemented by new information through its newsletter SOSVA Post. SOSVA has brought out Marathi version of Fund Raising Manual in March 1997 “Nidhi Sankalanacha Margadarshak”.

SOSVA’s Guide for Donors to NGOs
NGOs are by and large unable to cultivate or approach a vast donor base. This includes individuals, NRIs, family trusts, foundations, corporations, financial institutions and even government organizations. Donors also experience difficulties in choosing deserving NGOs for grant. In the bargain, the larger more visible and popular NGOs receive regular funds while smaller and rural get inadequate funds. To solve this problem and bridge the gap between donors and NGOs, SOSVA has issued a first volume of the Guide for Donors with all relevant information on 60 NGOs. This directory is being circulated to the vast donor base it has identified. SOSVA has now undertaken to put it on website with 2 to 3 pages for each NGO.

In addition to SOSVA’s newsletter, its other publication such as labour laws applicable to NGOs, project preparation as well as audit and accounting procedure are in great demand.

STAPI has published a number of books on important subjects like Fund Raising Manual (English); Nidhi Sankalanacha Margadarshak (Marathi); Auditing, Accounting & Budgeting for NGOs; Taxation matters for NGOs, Labour Laws for NGOs; Swayamsevi Sansthansathi Praptikar Margadarshak (Marathi), Project writing, evaluation and Monitoring (Marathi).

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