Who We Are

Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA) is an organisation which was set up by a group of visionaries who had recognised the need for support service organisations for voluntary agencies. Since the early nineties SOSVA has been active in providing a variety of support services to the voluntary sector in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Chandigarh. In the year 2000, SOSVA underwent a major reorganization to enable it to serve the NGO sector more efficiently. The North and Karnataka operations were transferred to independent societies called SOSVA (N) and SOSVA (K) and in Maharashtra a new society, SOSVA Training and Promotion Institute (STAPI) was set up to take over SOSVA’s responsibilities. Thus born was SOSVA Training and Promotion Institute.

This institution was formed with a vision to strengthen the voluntary sector. Its mission is to “To promote the establishment and expansion of voluntary organisations and to build their capacity to enable them to play a more sustainable and effective role in all sectors of socio-economic development in the service of the community particularly of the under-privileged.” Very eminent and experienced people are behind SOSVA.

SOSVA Training and Promotion Institute (STAPI) is an institution promoted by the Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA) in 2001. STAPI is a Trust and a society registered under the Societies Registration Act and the Bombay Public Trusts Act in 2000, to undertake all activities, which SOSVA was hitherto carrying out in Maharashtra. To enable STAPI to do this, SOSVA transferred all its assets and staff located in Pune to STAPI. The linkage with SOSVA is ensured by having the Governing Council of STAPI to consist of the members of the Governing Council of SOSVA and its Chief Executive. STAPI thus inherits the rich experience of SOSVA in all its activities of promotion and support of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the entire physical assets and human resources to enable it to carry the activities forward. Thus, STAPI is a sister organisation of SOSVA with a changed name and increased operational flexibility.
STAPI, as SOSVA earlier, had been involved in active promotion of NGOs in the sectors of health and family welfare for the past several years, and has itself diversified into other sectors such as rural development, social welfare, women and child development, and micro finance etc. It had successfully promoted over 150 NGO projects to Government, mainly in health, family welfare and women’s development.

  Legal Status
    Registered under:
  • Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950 Reg. No.F-22292 dt. 30/11/2000
  • Society Registration Act of 1860 Reg. No. 962/2000/G.B.B.S.D. dt. 20/9/2000
  • Section 12 A- Rg/ TR.4/2001-02/130 Dt. 22/3/2002
    Exempt Under:
  • Section 80 G of Income Tax Act of 1961- No. PN/CIT-I/80G/103/04-05/1135 valid up 31/3/07.
  • Donations for STAPI’s training Activities are exempted under 35 AC(ii) of Income Tax Act. No. HC-270/226/2003 dt. 1/6/05 valid up 31/3/08.
  • Registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act,1976. Registration No. 083930479.