Smt. Sunita Pawar

Smt. Sunita Pawar

Smt. Sunita Pawar, Age – 38 year, no education, a member of Jijau Mata Self-Help Group, formed on 16/04/2018 with 11 members, started monthly saving of Rs.100/- Smt. Sunita Pawar is a Chair Person of Jijau Mata Self-Help Group.

The SHG has a Bank Account in Bank of India, Shirur branch, Account No. 0603101100304 The SHG also received a revolving fund of Rs.15000/- from District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)

Smt. Sunitatai married with a specially abled person. Sunita have one son and two daughters out of which one has been married. The daily household expenses are met out of daily wages and fishing.

The SHG has Rs.6000/- saving and revolving fund of Rs.15,000/- put together Rs.21,000/- to their credit. Sunita took loan of Rs.3,000/- and purchased 50 chickens, she was oriented and trained in vaccination. She again bought 50 chickens. She has now started selling eggs and hens. She is now earning though sale of eggs and sale of hens.

Sunita’s hard efforts have paid dividend in true sense!!!