Yogita Vijay Sadgir

Yogita Vijay Sadgir

Age: __
Place: Gavali Nagar, Khardi, Shahapur, Thane

Vijay Sadgir was a costermonger selling vegetables in the Shahpur weekly market living in Gavali Nagar, Shahapur, Thane district of Maharashtra. In August 2020 he left this world due to COVID infection therefore the responsibility of running the family with two children was shifted to her wife Yogita Sadgir. During community engagement, the STAPI team met Yogita and her family to learn about the kind of support that can extend to the deprived family. During their visit, the team realized that Yogita has good experience supporting her partner in selling vegetables and that she wanted to continue to take care of her family's needs.

After assessment of Yogita’s needs and considering her constrain as a single mother who cannot continue vegetable selling the way her husband used to do while traveling to the weekly market that is approximately 8 to 10 kilometers away from her locality, STAPI decided to provide a cart for her business. Today, she is selling vegetables in the local market and earning a decent amount to run her family.

Apart from financial support STAPI has provided a bicycle and study books to Yogita’s daughter Bhumika who is pursuing her education in the science stream of 11th standard. This timely support provided enormous confidence to the family that was struggling to survive because of the COVID crisis.